Cozy Room Transformation

Hey There!

We’ve been gone for a hot minute, but we’re back and better than ever! Today, we wanted to share how we go about doing photoshoots on a budget. With some christmas lights, fairy lights, thumbtacks, and spare bedsheets you too can transform your room into a cozy haven!

The Base:

First, you’re going to want to decide which angle you want to shoot from. We decided that we wanted to shoot placing our tripod on the right side of the room, facing the left in order to maximize the space used to hang lights. We prefer to use a larger amount of room and if needed, crop our photos post-production! Start out by evenly placing your tacks and stringing up your lights.

*Sorry for the extremely grainy iPhone photo! We just wanted to show you how it looked like from a different perspective.

Cover Up:

Although we thought that the bare lights on our bedroom looked nice, we wanted to create a dreamy atmosphere. So, in order to soften the harshness of the wires and lights we used a white bedsheet to cover up our lights.

Bed Lights-3.jpg

Finishing Touches:

When we thought that our base was just right, we scoured our house for whatever fluffy pillows and blankets we could find! We also took fairy lights and draped them over our pillows and blankets to create an even more illuminated look.

The Finished Product:

We were pretty satisfied with how our room turned out!

Bed Lights-5.jpg

How We Style: Utility Pants

Utility pants are one of the biggest fall fashion trends at the moment! One of the things we love most about utility pants is the versatility of them. Whether its a crop top, a turtleneck, or a plain tee - anything can be paired to create an instantly effortless outfit. Lately, we’ve been experimenting with wearing different things around the waist of our cargo pants to create different looks. These are our three favorites:

Look 1: The classic belt

Utility Pants-1.jpg

We can always count on our trusty belt to add interest to an outfit! For this look, we paired a plain white tank with green utility pants and a similarly colored green fabric belt. The rose gold buckle and eyelets give it a nice, refined touch and makes it perfect for pairing with rose gold jewelry.

Look 2: The belt bag

The more refined and less bulky sister of the fanny pack! Belt bags are another classic that have recently come back into the fashion scene. We paired this neutral, mocha colored belt bag with gold hardware with our green utility pants. Our belt bag is from Cotton On, but we linked other belt bags that we loved from ASOS ($21) and Brandy Melville ($20).

Look 3: The no-belt belt

This last look is one of our all time favorites! We took a circle hair pin and clipped it to the loop for the button of the utility pants to create an illusion of a belt buckle. We love this because in addition to being unbelievably simple and inexpensive, it adds a ton of interest to an an otherwise plain outfit. We have the exact dupe for our hair pin here ($2) and some great alternatives on Amazon ($5).

Closing Thoughts

The utility pants we wore for this shoot are both from Reformation ($148). We also like the ones from I.AM.GIA. ($149) and Brandy Melville ($38). We didn’t have one to use for this shoot, but another great way to wear cargo pants that we’ve been liking lately is by using a wallet chain to attach to the side loop of the pants. All in all, we cannot reiterate enough how much we love the versatility of utility pants and can’t wait to style them countless different ways in the months to come.

DIY Book Jacket

Fall is among us and with it comes the need to find our perfect, go-to jacket! I had been mulling over the idea of creating a “book jacket” (by painting a cover of one of my favorite books on the back of a jacket) for awhile now and finally came up with the time and motivation to do it. I decided to base my painting off of The Alchemist -not only because I love the book and the meaning, but because the cover art was just too beautiful to pass up painting! Before starting I stopped by Michael’s and picked up a few bottles of acrylic paint. Each bottle costs about a dollar and afterwards I still had plenty of paint leftover.

I decided to use an old, thrifted denim jacket as a base. Denim is honestly one of my favorite fabrics to paint on because it acts as a great canvas! To start off I painted a white square the size I wanted the “book cover” to be. This made the surface a bit smoother and gave me the ability to start sketching out the design. I kept a picture up of the book cover on my laptop beside me as a worked to act as a reference and started to draw some of the larger blocks of color from the design with pencil.


After doing this I began to paint, working slowly to create the cleanest lines possible. This is especially important with the larger spaces!


I free-handed the rest of the design over this with pencil and painted over the pencil with the acrylic paint. As a last-minute decision I ended up also adding a quote from the book across the arms and back as a final touch! To do this I counted up the number of letters in the quote and tried to divide them evenly among the three sections (left arm, middle, right arm) to make the quote stretch along the entirety of the jacket perfectly, sizing my letters accordingly. Pencil didn’t show up on the jacket well because I didn’t use the white acrylic base so I ended up using pen to mark everything out (being careful not to mess up, since the pen makes a pretty permanent mark). After writing everything out in pen I painted over it in white acrylic paint. Here is the final result!

Definitely one of my favorite jackets to date! I ended up being really satisfied with how this project turned out and am hoping to make a series of these “book jackets” for my wardrobe.

Total project cost: ~$10

A new, unique jacket: Priceless!

Haircut at Home

I’ve been mulling over cutting my hair for months, and decided recently to go short. For me, haircuts have always been hits or misses. For the most part, when I get my hair done by others, I am never completely satisfied with the results. However, I believe that there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from being able to do the task yourself! In addition I think that by doing something yourself you’re able to get something exactly how you want it -or at least, if you mess up, you can learn personally from your mistakes! So, in lieu of getting my hair cut by a professional, and having done “extensive research” (of watching one YouTube video), I built up the courage to take on the task myself!

I started by first sectioning my hair off into two sides. Using two rubber bands I tied off each side and placed the rubber bands around the length I wanted my new hair length to be. I made mine slightly lower to give myself a bit of leeway for any potential mistakes. Then, using professional hair-cutting scissors, I made a horizontal cut across the first side.

After cutting the first side, I made a horizontal cut on the other side, making sure to carefully line up my cut with the other side. After cutting the other side and removing the rubber bands, my hair looked like this.

Cutting it straight made a “v” shape in the back. I had to part my hair in layers, working from bottom to top. After sectioning my hair to the left and right sides, I made about diagonal cuts of about half an inch in length, downward from the inner side of my hair. This made the “v” in the back more even. I also made point cuts, facing my scissors in an upwards direction, thinning my hair at the bottom to make the edges less blunt. I had my sister cut the back and make sure that everything I couldn’t see was even.


This is the finished look!


Ending thoughts: The entire process was long -about 2 hours. I’m not sure if the time spent is enough to justify the money saved, but I liked the learning process and being able to say that I was able to cut my hair myself. I ended up being completely satisfied with the result and haven’t regretted cutting it since. I love being able to let go of all of the dead weight (13 inches gone!) and i’m excited to see what new adventures are in store for me and my new hair.

June 2018 Thrift Picks

Summer is upon us and along with the sweltering heat comes the time for a new summer wardrobe. The great news is that -with a bit of free time and perseverance- you don’t have to break the bank to make it. Pro tip: don’t go to a thrift store expecting to find one certain thing, because you’ll be set up for disappointment! Have an idea of the types of clothes you want to find. We wanted some classic, easy to wear neutrals that could pair with any outfit.

Here’s a spread of some of our favorite finds:

Whether your summer is spent relaxing in bed like us or spent out on the town, the best part about it all is that all of the pretty pennies you save on your clothes can be spent on your summer vacation!

10 for $10!


There's nothing we love more than a great deal. So, what do you get when you combine a great deal for an even greater cause? A reaaally good time! 


If you aren't familiar with Salvation Army, it's a 140 year old Christian international organization that provides a variety of services including emergency response, rehabilitation programs, and social work to name a few. One of the ways in which they raise money is by having people donate items which they no longer have use for (ie: clothes, toys, furniture, etc.) and in turn, reselling those items at their thrift store locations.    


You'll need to check with your local Salvation Army Thrift Store when they're having sales, but we think that it's worth noting that they have different items that go on sale monthly. For example, we went on a clothing sale day, but the previous week was 50% off furniture. So, go to your local Salvation Army, mark your calendars, and have yourself a great time! You know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.