DIY Book Jacket

Fall is among us and with it comes the need to find our perfect, go-to jacket! I had been mulling over the idea of creating a “book jacket” (by painting a cover of one of my favorite books on the back of a jacket) for awhile now and finally came up with the time and motivation to do it. I decided to base my painting off of The Alchemist -not only because I love the book and the meaning, but because the cover art was just too beautiful to pass up painting! Before starting I stopped by Michael’s and picked up a few bottles of acrylic paint. Each bottle costs about a dollar and afterwards I still had plenty of paint leftover.

I decided to use an old, thrifted denim jacket as a base. Denim is honestly one of my favorite fabrics to paint on because it acts as a great canvas! To start off I painted a white square the size I wanted the “book cover” to be. This made the surface a bit smoother and gave me the ability to start sketching out the design. I kept a picture up of the book cover on my laptop beside me as a worked to act as a reference and started to draw some of the larger blocks of color from the design with pencil.


After doing this I began to paint, working slowly to create the cleanest lines possible. This is especially important with the larger spaces!


I free-handed the rest of the design over this with pencil and painted over the pencil with the acrylic paint. As a last-minute decision I ended up also adding a quote from the book across the arms and back as a final touch! To do this I counted up the number of letters in the quote and tried to divide them evenly among the three sections (left arm, middle, right arm) to make the quote stretch along the entirety of the jacket perfectly, sizing my letters accordingly. Pencil didn’t show up on the jacket well because I didn’t use the white acrylic base so I ended up using pen to mark everything out (being careful not to mess up, since the pen makes a pretty permanent mark). After writing everything out in pen I painted over it in white acrylic paint. Here is the final result!

Definitely one of my favorite jackets to date! I ended up being really satisfied with how this project turned out and am hoping to make a series of these “book jackets” for my wardrobe.

Total project cost: ~$10

A new, unique jacket: Priceless!