Haircut at Home

I’ve been mulling over cutting my hair for months, and decided recently to go short. For me, haircuts have always been hits or misses. For the most part, when I get my hair done by others, I am never completely satisfied with the results. However, I believe that there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from being able to do the task yourself! In addition I think that by doing something yourself you’re able to get something exactly how you want it -or at least, if you mess up, you can learn personally from your mistakes! So, in lieu of getting my hair cut by a professional, and having done “extensive research” (of watching one YouTube video), I built up the courage to take on the task myself!

I started by first sectioning my hair off into two sides. Using two rubber bands I tied off each side and placed the rubber bands around the length I wanted my new hair length to be. I made mine slightly lower to give myself a bit of leeway for any potential mistakes. Then, using professional hair-cutting scissors, I made a horizontal cut across the first side.

After cutting the first side, I made a horizontal cut on the other side, making sure to carefully line up my cut with the other side. After cutting the other side and removing the rubber bands, my hair looked like this.

Cutting it straight made a “v” shape in the back. I had to part my hair in layers, working from bottom to top. After sectioning my hair to the left and right sides, I made about diagonal cuts of about half an inch in length, downward from the inner side of my hair. This made the “v” in the back more even. I also made point cuts, facing my scissors in an upwards direction, thinning my hair at the bottom to make the edges less blunt. I had my sister cut the back and make sure that everything I couldn’t see was even.


This is the finished look!


Ending thoughts: The entire process was long -about 2 hours. I’m not sure if the time spent is enough to justify the money saved, but I liked the learning process and being able to say that I was able to cut my hair myself. I ended up being completely satisfied with the result and haven’t regretted cutting it since. I love being able to let go of all of the dead weight (13 inches gone!) and i’m excited to see what new adventures are in store for me and my new hair.