Cozy Room Transformation

Hey There!

We’ve been gone for a hot minute, but we’re back and better than ever! Today, we wanted to share how we go about doing photoshoots on a budget. With some christmas lights, fairy lights, thumbtacks, and spare bedsheets you too can transform your room into a cozy haven!

The Base:

First, you’re going to want to decide which angle you want to shoot from. We decided that we wanted to shoot placing our tripod on the right side of the room, facing the left in order to maximize the space used to hang lights. We prefer to use a larger amount of room and if needed, crop our photos post-production! Start out by evenly placing your tacks and stringing up your lights.

*Sorry for the extremely grainy iPhone photo! We just wanted to show you how it looked like from a different perspective.

Cover Up:

Although we thought that the bare lights on our bedroom looked nice, we wanted to create a dreamy atmosphere. So, in order to soften the harshness of the wires and lights we used a white bedsheet to cover up our lights.

Bed Lights-3.jpg

Finishing Touches:

When we thought that our base was just right, we scoured our house for whatever fluffy pillows and blankets we could find! We also took fairy lights and draped them over our pillows and blankets to create an even more illuminated look.

The Finished Product:

We were pretty satisfied with how our room turned out!

Bed Lights-5.jpg