June 2018 Thrift Picks

Summer is upon us and along with the sweltering heat comes the time for a new summer wardrobe. The great news is that -with a bit of free time and perseverance- you don’t have to break the bank to make it. Pro tip: don’t go to a thrift store expecting to find one certain thing, because you’ll be set up for disappointment! Have an idea of the types of clothes you want to find. We wanted some classic, easy to wear neutrals that could pair with any outfit.

Here’s a spread of some of our favorite finds:

Whether your summer is spent relaxing in bed like us or spent out on the town, the best part about it all is that all of the pretty pennies you save on your clothes can be spent on your summer vacation!

10 for $10!


There's nothing we love more than a great deal. So, what do you get when you combine a great deal for an even greater cause? A reaaally good time! 


If you aren't familiar with Salvation Army, it's a 140 year old Christian international organization that provides a variety of services including emergency response, rehabilitation programs, and social work to name a few. One of the ways in which they raise money is by having people donate items which they no longer have use for (ie: clothes, toys, furniture, etc.) and in turn, reselling those items at their thrift store locations.    


You'll need to check with your local Salvation Army Thrift Store when they're having sales, but we think that it's worth noting that they have different items that go on sale monthly. For example, we went on a clothing sale day, but the previous week was 50% off furniture. So, go to your local Salvation Army, mark your calendars, and have yourself a great time! You know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.